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We’ve been here since 2006, and doesn’t time fly by? Our centre offers modern leisure facilities, and we’ve recently investment in making the customer experience, that much better.

So where will you find us?

Located on Carlton Road, just outside of the Nottingham city centre means we are easily accessible. Oh, and we have plenty of parking available on site, so no sneaky parking tickets needed.

So a bit of back story; KK Sports Centre was opened to the public on 22nd August 2006, by the former Prime Minister of Pakistan, Benazir Bhutto. Her presence created a huge buzz in the community, which is still felt today.

Our Fitness Suite continues to be the bread and butter of the Leisure Centre and has recently undergone a refurbishment; which has seen new and high quality equipment installed.

As the years have passed, we have been able to add more amenities to our Leisure Centre based on Customer Feedback. In 2008, we saw the introduction of our Fitness Classes and Cricket Nets, which both prove to be popular to this day.

2009 saw us start to build our Boxing Gym, from the ground up. Starting from a few sets of pads and gloves, we now have a fully equipped Boxing hall, known to many across the Country. It has gained interest from many organisations and bodies, including a meet and greet with HRH Prince Harry. K.K School Of Boxing hosted its first Boxing Show in December 2011 to great success, with many ABAE registered bouts involving clubs across the country.

The Football Pitches have been host to many tournaments over the years, including fund-raisers for charity. They continue to be a popular choice for people to play football on – including the local teams for their mid-week training.

Check out the rest of our website, and make sure you pop down for a cuppa before you try out our facility.

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